How To Choose A General Contractor


General Contractor – Top 5 pro tips on finding a general contractor.

Choosing a general contractor to remodel your home simply because he is the cheapest can end up costing you more than you can imagine includes your health.
Here is why you should only hire a licensed, bonded and insured contractor in good standing.

Tip 1

A general contractor who is not licensed bonded and insured might be ignoring local building codes and he
might be failing to quote a realistic budget not considering the work and material that might go into each job.
Do not assume all contractors will give the same quality, level of service and job completion time.
When comparing bids consider the detail and your project specifications for each prospective contractor so you can compare apples to apples sort of speak.

Tip 2

Below is an example of a bathroom we started demolishing today .
The shower floor has caved in and our client was looking for solutions. Much to their horror, we discovered a sever problem of mold in their bathroom which was remodeled just 6 years ago by a ‘contractor’.

Tip 3

The mold is hidden under the tile walls and floors that was not properly sealed.
Mold causes un-reversible heartbreaking respiratory problems and other health issues.