November checklist

November Checklist

Be ready for the holidays

With Thanksgiving and the winter holidays fast approaching we prepared a checklist so you can be ready
HVAC system
Make sure your heating system is running safely and efficiently so you’ll stay warm during the winter and save money on your energy bills. The top benefits of installing a new high-efficiency HVAC system are safety, cost savings and comfort for you and your family.Replacing an older system with a high-efficiency one can save thousands of dollars a year. Many older systems operate around 65% *AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency), with the remaining 35% simply lost. New high-efficiency systems offer AFUE ratings well over 90%, which is great for both you and the environment. High-efficiency systems often pay for themselves in a few years or less.
Weatherproof and weatherproof your home
A leaky house not only wastes energy but can lead to water damage and provide a path for insects.
Unless your home is properly sealed and weatherproofed, the weather conditions outside will affect your comfort level inside your home.
Check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
Inspect smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and test the batteries. As easy as it sounds, according to the NFPA, nearly half of home fires that fail to trigger alarms occur in houses where batteries have expired or been removed from a smoke alarm.
Clear your yard of dead leafs
Leaf cover blocks air and light which is a necessity for your lawn to grow. Dead leafs are also a fire hazard.
Protect your home from termites and pests
Termites need food, moisture, and warmth to survive, so reducing their access to their food source: wood. This the first step to keeping them away.
keep wood at least 6 inches above the soil in your yard and keep the mulch levels several inches below the siding and you to want to avoid storing anything near your property that would encourage termites and pests to move in. Mice and snakes can get through a hole the size of a quarter. You should replace all damaged roof tiles and attic vents and seal up holes around plumbing pipes and cables that enter your house and trim the trees.
Clean your kitchen
This room is about to get the busiest for the next couple of month.
Dishwasher: Remove and washing the filter, deodorize and sanitize the entire appliance.
Clean the refrigerator coils.
When dirt and dust are clogging the refrigerator coils, it can’t release heat properly, causing the compressor to run longer and work harder than it should. That will shorten the life of your appliance. You can clean the coils using a vacuum with a brush attachment and run it along the coils to remove excess dust and dirt then wipe it with a towel
Clean and disinfect the trash can
Clean your countertops of unused gadgets. Get rid of mail and bills lying around, old and expired food, clean the windows all lighting fixtures